Vasthu Sastra and Astrology Workshop 2019

  • The workshop aims to promote the usefulness of the ancient Indian science of architecturE Vasthu Sastra (Indian Feng Shui) which is a result orientated knowledge that provides peace, happiness, good health, prosperity and joy.
  • Participants will learn on how to organise their home to the flow of subtle energies without tearing down walls, renovations and rebuilding.
  • It will showcase the origin of the 5,000-year-old science, how it can be observed easily and how dwellers can benefit by tapping into the positive force and also protect themselves from casting of evil eyes and unseen entities which can hurt every individual daily when they step out of their house for comfort zone.
  • The workshop will also include horoscope match between the house direction and the property owner and 2019 astrology forecast for all the stars and recommended remedies to those afflicted by the inauspicious placement of the planets.
  • Additional information on ancient secrets for wealth, health, protection, studies, relationship, happiness and unity will also be disclosed at the event.
All property owners, dwellers, property developers, real estate agents, architectures, interior
designers, CEOs, managers, housewives, astrologers, healers, students, spiritual seekers,
body mind and spirit followers, New Age enthusiasts, and all those interested in learning
about the science of subtle energy.



Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai, India, is a seventh generation hereditary Vasthu Sastra expert and astrologer. He comes from a renowned lineage that has been practicing Vasthu Sastra for seven generations. He is the first expert in the world to produce a CD-ROM and VCD on the 5,000-year-old ancient science on architecture in 1999. Master Yuvaraj is widely sought by people worldwide for ancient remedies for health, wealth, relationship, happiness and peace. He has travelled to United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and all over India to give talks and consultations. He holds a Bachelor of commerce and International Diploma in Computer Program & Application in Apple Technology. Master Yuvaraj was a delegate at the 4th International Feng Shui Conference in Florida in 2001 and a speaker at the Body, Mind and Soul seminar in Perth in 2002. He also appears regularly on radio and television talk shows in Malaysia providing tips on how Vasthu can be applied in our daily lives. Master Yuvaraj Sowma suggests ways and means of getting out of the Vasthu problems without major demolition and renovations. He offers remedial measures to overcome the evil effects of badly constructed houses, commercial centres, industries and factories. He also comes with deep knowledge on how to get combat dark and unseen forces in any space. Master Yuvaraj also conducts classes on Vasthu and Astrology in Chennai and was a publisher of My Star, an astrological magazine in India.

Dr. T. Selva from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is an award-winning author, columnist,
international speaker, radio and television personality on Vasthu Sastra, spirituality,
metaphysics and ancient Indian sciences. He is the first and only disciple of Master Yuvaraj Sowma. He holds a Master of Arts (Communication Management) from the University of South Australia and has authored three books on ancient Indian sciences.
His bestseller book titled Vasthu Sastra Guide has been translated from English to
Tamil, Hindi, Japanese, French and Persian languages. He has been conferred with several prestigious awards for his meritorious work in the research, development and propagation and modernisation of Vasthu, astrology and Tantra sciences worldwide. Among the awards are: Vasthu King 2018 Global Award by the South Kolkata Astrology & Vasthu Science Academy; Saint Mother Teresa Award by the Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, West Bengal; Vasthu Gyanacharya Award by the Asian Astrologers Congress and World Astro Federation, Nepal; Vasthu Ratnakara by the Malaysian Astrological Society; Asian distinguished astrologer and Vasthu Shastri award which carries the title Vasthu Shastri of Asia at the 15th Asian Conference on National Heritage; Glory of India Award, a Certificate of Excellence and the Bharat Gaurav Award from the India-based International Friendship Society. His book titles are Vasthu Sastra for harmonious living, health, wealth and world peace, Vasthu Sastra Guide, 101 Tips on Indian Feng Shui, Secrets of Mole Reading and Journey With Amma. Over the past 20 years, he has given over 575 talks in London, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Florida, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Brunei, Kathmandu, Colombo, Singapore and all over Malaysia. His column on Ancient Secrets and Vasthu Sastra appears in The Star in Malaysia, Daily Express in Sabah and Indus Age newspaper in Australia. He is a regular feature on television shows in Astro, TV3, RTM radio and television talk shows.


8.30am: Registration
9am: Introduction
9.15am – 10.30am: How astrology governs your date, time and place of birth, on your star, aligning with the planets, astrology forecast for your stars in 2019, Remedies to appease the inauspicious astrological period and astrology connection with your property
10.30am -10.45am: TEA BREAK
10.45am -12.45pm: Origin and benefits of Vasthu Sastra, Understanding the energy flow into a property, How to harmonise the five elements with our five senses, Activities to perform to stay in harmony with the energy flow
12.45pm -2pm: LUNCH
2pm - 3.30pm: Practical display on how to use a compass to determine direction of a property,
Tips on direction, Soil condition, Effects of elevated and depressed land, Selecting a plot of land, Roads to consider, Vasthu tips for new construction and renovations, dos and don’ts when choosing a property and more.
3.30pm - 3.45pm: TEA BREAK
3.45pm - 5pm: Ideal designation of rooms and activities ie main door, living room, kitchen, dining, master bedroom, sleeping positions, study room, quadrant for the unmarried, room for the childless, colours, garden, powerful yantra (mystical diagram) remedies for houses with Vasthu defects, Vasthu enhances for health and wealth, using pyramids for healing and improving energy flow and more.

Venue is linked to the USJ 7 LRT and BRT Station and sandwiched between Summit USJ and Da Men Mall. Parking at Summit USJ Mall for workshop participants is flat rate of RM4

Workshop participants are offered special room rates inclusive of breakfast for two at RM195 nett per night. Those interested in hotel accommodation should WhatsApp or Call or email Mr G. Ramalingam @ 012-3299713 or

The Vasthu Sastra and Astrology 2019 workshop is not aimed at influencing or convincing
anyone to change their lifestyle or abandon their belief system but to share the values of
ancient knowledge followed by our forefathers.
Sun Apr 7, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM MYT
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Early Bird (inclusive of vegetarian lunch and two tea breaks) RM250.00
General Admission (inclusive of vegetarian lunch and two tea breaks) RM290.00
Venue Address
Persiaran Kewajipan, Subang Jaya Malaysia
Dr T. Selva